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Wrath of Ashardalon™
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February 15, 2011




$64.99 C$74.99



Wrath of Ashardalon™ was the second D&D® Adventure System board game published in 2011 by Wizards of the Coast.


In Wrath of Ashardalon, a terrifying red dragon lurks deep within a monster-infested labyrinth maze, found inside a cave mouth. The game features multiple scenarios and challenging quests.[1]


Wrath of Ashardalonis designed for 1-5 players, and features cooperative game play. Each player selects a Hero, and can choose from the Dragonborn Wizard, Dwarf Fighter, Elf Paladin, Half-Orc Rogue and Human Cleric. This game's contents can be combined with other D&D Adventure System Cooperative Play board games, such as Castle Ravenloft™ and The Legend of Drizzt™.


  • 1 "Start" Dungeon Tile
  • 5 Hero Figures (blue)
  • 30 Monster Figures
  • 4 Villain Cards
  • 200 Cards:
    • 5 Sequence of Play Cards
    • 50 Power Cards
    • 53 Encounter Cards
    • 4 Adventure Encounter Cards
    • 30 Monster Cards
    • 33 Treasure Cards
    • 5 Adventure Cards
    • 14 Chamber Cards
    • 6 Boon Cards
  • 10 Condition Tokens
  • 33 Treasure Tokens
  • 3 Mirror Image Tokens
  • 1 Cleric's Shield Token
  • 3 Caltrop Tokens
  • 1 Gear Token
  • 5 Time Tokens
  • 8 Closed Door Tokens
  • 1 Adventure Marker
  • 1 Vast Gate Marker
  • 1 Adventure Book
  • 40 interlocking Dungeon Tiles
  • 7 Villain Figures
  • 5 Hero Cards
  • 1 20-sided die
  • 7 Monster Tokens
  • 1 Wizard Eye Token
  • 3 Flaming Sphere Tokens
  • 5 Blade Barrier Tokens
  • 5 Villager Tokens
  • 5 Healing Surge Tokens
  • 9 Encounter Markers
  • 10 Shield Markers
  • 1 Item Marker
  • 1 Rulebook


Ben Kuchera of Penny Arcade called Wrath of Ashardalon "a good way to sneak in a quick dungeon crawl when a full Dungeons and Dragons session would take too long".[2]



Wrath of Ashardalon™
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Powers by Type

At-Will Daily Utility

Powers by Class

Cleric Fighter Paladin Rogue Wizard

Powers by Race

Dragonborn Dwarf Half-Orc

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Adventure Curse Environment Event Hazard Trap

Monsters by Type

Aberrant Animal Devil Dwarf Human Orc Reptile Sentry

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