Bellax, Gauth
This wretched aberrant plans to open a portal between this world and a realm of madness.
The gauth activates at the start of each Villain Phase.
17 9
TACTICS If the gauth is adjacent to a Hero, the gauth attacks that Hero with an eye ray and then moves to the closest square not adjacent to a Hero.
If the gauth is within 3 tiles of a Hero, it attacks the Hero with the most Hit Points within range with an eye ray.
Otherwise, the gauth moves 1 tile toward the closest Hero.
SPECIAL ABILITY Eye Ray: When the gauth attacks with an eye ray, roll the die and consult the table below for the attack that is used against the Hero.
1-4 (Anti-Magic): +8 1 and the Hero discards 1 item of his or her choice
5-8 (Fire Ray): +8 2
Miss: 1 Damage
9-12 (Exhaustion): +8 1 and Dazed
13-16 (Poison): +8 1 and Poisoned
17-20 (Telekinetic): +8 1 and move the Hero 1 tile away from the gauth
SOURCE Wrath of Ashardalon™

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